Goodnight and Good Luck

Per Mr. Wiseman’s announcement, you guys know this will be my last blog post. It is bittersweet. Writing articles is for sure not my forte, but I’m very grateful for the experience this class has given me. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. So as my farewell, I shall share my favorite and least favorite moments from this class.

Favorite: Secret santa was a flippin’ blast. I loved to hear everyone’s stories of when they were young at Christmas time.

Not so favorite: When Mr. Wiseman accused me of breaking pretzels on the floor, just because I eat in class frequently. I didn’t even get a chance to exercise my 6th amendment right to counsel. It’s a shame what this country has come to.

Regardless of his wrong doing, Mr. Wiseman gave me a new perspective on the world and for that I thank him. I’ll miss you all dearly.

Goodnight and Good Luck,



Wendy’s 4 for 4= greatest deal of all time

I am not a man with a lot of spending money. Although I have a part-time job, I usually end up spending it all on snacks and really dumb online products. I need to be as conservative as possible with my money.

So after school, when I need a hot meal and don’t want to make one, I venture down to the food business capital within a 5 mile radius of my home: Red Bank Road.

I sift through my options. Taco Bell? If I wanted cat meat, I would just look in my pantry. Freddy’s? Too overpriced. Subway in Walmart? No sir. I end up settling on Wendy’s.

Their meal deal introduced in summer  ’16, the 4 for $4, includes a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, 4 chicken nuggets, a value size fry (not just one), and a value size drink. This is a full meal for the low price of $4 ($4.07 with tax [I order this enough to know the exact price]). Although the fries and drink are “value size”, they are still a decent size. The drink especially because Wendy’s is infamous for giving over sized drinks.

This deal is quite conducive to my “paycheck to paycheck” sort of lifestyle and has been the antidote to my very often occurring hunger pangs. If you are looking for a way to save that last $10 in your checking account and still get a good meal, the 4 for $4 is your best bet.

Why I think Donald Trump is done for

So I’ve been thinking this topic for a blog is a bit restricting. So I think I’m just going to start just writing what I’m feeling.

Before I start this, I just want to say I do not support any candidate in any way, shape, or form.

As long as you haven’t been living under a rock, you know all about Republican nominee Donald J. Trump and his antics. He just has a very brash persona. From saying that he would “bomb the crap out of them” (referring to Iran) to calling 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping”, Trump certainly has a way with words.

Recently, a tape of Trump in 2005 has come out in which he tells Billy Bush that he can basically sexually assault a woman because he is a celebrity. In light of this video, some people are starting to stop supporting Trump. So one would think due to the drop in support over the past two weeks, that he would see that the final Presidential Debate was a very important one and would do everything he can to prepare for the debate.

Here is where Trump dropped the ball. His debate performance was abysmal at best, making accusations, for example, saying that Clinton is behind the women coming out saying that they were assaulted by Trump. He stated few things about his policies and once again, in my opinion, made a fool of himself.

And for all of the times Trump has called Clinton a liar, one would also think that he shouldn’t/wouldn’t be a hypocrite. But once again, that person would be wrong. Trump denied mocking a reporter with a disability at a rally when there is video evidence that clearly shows him doing so. So talk about the pot calling the kettle black-he just, once again, in my opinion- screwed the pooch.

Wednesday’s debate was a crucial one for Trump and his campaign, it could have been his saving grace in an election that is seemingly slipping from his grasp. But Trump never ceases to amaze me and this poor performance I think just sealed his fate in this election.

Flocka for President ’16.


What should I watch?

As the final credits of my favorite show roll, a feeling of emptiness sets in. My go-to, my bread and butter, my rock is now gone and I am now faced with the age-old question of Netflix: What should I watch next?

So Netflix created a tab called “Top Picks for ______”, where they select shows for you based on what you have watched in the past. Seemingly perfect, considering the absolute heartbreak I am currently enduring, I scroll my way here thinking I just found the answer to my troubles when in reality, they have just begun.

Why is it that when I look into this section and after 121 ever so perplexing episodes of “Lost” am I getting the recommendation of “Gilmore Girls”?

Netflix, all I ask is that you give recommendations that are at least in the ballpark of what I would normally watch.